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Oil Temperature Gauges
monitor the temperature of the engine oil, indicating when the engine has to be operated gentle while warming up and when it can be operated to its full performance. They warn when the engine is running too hot and therefore help to prevent damage to all moving parts due to insufficient lubrication.
A must for every motor cycle.

Coolant Temperature Gauges
indicate the temperature of the engine coolant and warn at extensive temperatures, therefore helping to prevent damage to the head gasket and other related parts.

display, with the ignition turned on, the current voltage level of the battery. With the engine running, they display the generated and regulated board voltage, displaying a voltage drop in case of a defective generator or over-voltage in case of a defective regulator and therefore help preventing damage to the battery or board electronics respectively.

Oil Pressure Gauges
monitor the pressure of the engine oil. This enables to respond to loss of oil pressure and prevent related damage to the engine.

Fuel Gauges
displays the remaining fuel level in the fuel tank.

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